Red Hot Final Project

For my final project I plan to work alone on a photography project. More specifically I want to do a fun street photography project that might fall into photojournalism. My favorite color has always been red because I find it to be such a powerful and widely used color to express specific ideas and emotions. Using a digital camera with a color filter setting, I plan to go out around D.C. and take pictures of the way the color red is used. With this color filter, the whole picture comes out black and white, except for anything red in the frame. Some of the things I have thought about photographing are people and the way they are dressing, accessories like jewelry and shoes, adds, billboards, coffee shops, crowds, cars, traffic lights, flowers, fruits and vegetable in the market, fall trees (although most leaves are gone already), home décor, etc.

My inspiration for this project came from a lot of different things. First of all, my obsession for the color red. One of my friends has this camera that can filter colors in pictures, and I always loved how her pictures turned out. Red always stands out in a crowd, red always makes a statement, and red always draws my attention. Marylyn Monroe’s pictures and posters frequently use this effect to make her red lips stand out. It is amazing how his little detail brings so much into her pictures. I have also seen other filters used on some of her picture like the pink one used in the picture below. This image is more of an Any Warhol style. In my opinion, the picture with red lips is a lot stronger and iconic than the second one where pink is used more widely.

It was also interesting to me to notice how all of the Twilight book all use the little or no color other than red. Once again, the covers include very simple images that are enhanced by the color red. Through my photography for this project, which I already started, I hope to capture fun and strong pictures like the ones above.


~ by rozeanafonseca on November 21, 2009.

One Response to “Red Hot Final Project”

  1. I think your idea is really cool. I didn’t know that color filters existed on cameras, but i guess it makes sense. I think that you’ll end up with really cool pictures from around the city – i can imagine it being like an entirely new perspective into things. Already I find that doing photo projects force you to look at things differently, but with your idea even after you take the pictures you’ll be able to look at so many different things in a even different way which should be interesting. I look forward to seeing what you shoot and how it looks when you present!

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