Alex Garcia in the House


Alexandra Garcia

Alexandra Garcia

I loved the guest speaker at our Visual Literacy class, Alex Garcia. As a proud American University graduate with a full-time job at The Washington Post, she managed to make time to come and share with us some of her experiences. As she talked about herself and her work, I could see how passionate she was about film and her multimedia job. I could personally indentify with her in different ways as I discovered small details about her personality. She was full of positive energy, and enthusiasm, which I think are the key her success. More thank just a guest speaker about the film section of the class, she should be an inspiration to all of us who will be going into the job market in a few years.

From the work she shared with us, my personal favorite was her Scene-In style series. I thought these videos were very dynamic and filled with originality composed both from people participating in the video with their own personal styles, and Alex herself.  I thought the idea to use music from the actual area of the city being presented, gave each video even more personality. When I got home after class, the first thing I did was to call my sister, who is crazy about clothes and fashion and majored in Graphic Design, to tell her about Alex’s style series in the Washington Post. I’ve been trying to log in a watch the rest of the video series, but for some reason the videos don’t download. Does anybody know how to access the videos?


~ by rozeanafonseca on October 22, 2009.

2 Responses to “Alex Garcia in the House”

  1. Hi Rozeana,

    I was able to access the Scene-In videos last week, but in attempting to go there right now it does look like all the links are inactive… don’t know what the problem could be, except something within the Washington Post Online system… perhaps you could shoot their webmasters an e-mail?

    And thanks for your post!

  2. I completely agree with your opinion about Alex. She was so animated and clearly crazy about her work, which was very refreshing. Her lively mood definitely rubbed off on all who were listening to her. The story of her climb to success is a positive example that we all should learn from. I also really enjoyed her Scene-in series. They are really entertaining and informative. The videos worked for me, so maybe you just have a bad internet connection.

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